EU to Provide €15 Million in Support of Tech Based Civic Innovation by Katherine Borlongan

From CGCS Blogger Katherine Borlongan: If we accept the premise that the intersection of technology-fueled transparency, open innovation and civic engagement is increasingly central to making government work for everyone, perhaps it’s time for new models of governance. Governments need to provide services a little more through results-driven civic entrepreneurs operating in dense community networks and perhaps a … Continue reading

Media Law Roundup 8.17

Welcome to this week’s Media Law Roundup. Here, we’ll gather stories surround trending media and policy topics that have developed throughout the week so you can follow along and watch them develop. If you stumble upon something you feel would be a good article, send us a link at International Community calls for Protecting … Continue reading

Media Law Roundup 08.10

The U.N. and the Internet 08.08 U.N. Agency to Wrestle Control of the Internet Away From U.S. – Should the control over the Internet pass to the United Nations? That’s the question that could arise when the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union hosts its World Conference on International Telecommunications this December. While it might be hard to imagine anyone jockeying for … Continue reading

Avalanche of Transnational Media in Pakistan by Arzak Khan

An important discussion at the 14th Annenberg Oxford Media Policy Summer institute held at University of Oxford, conducted by Prof Jean Chalaby from City University London, was on transnational media order and the role of migrant television. The transnationalization of global media is a series of paradigm shifts in the advancement of international communications through … Continue reading

Media Law Roundup 08.03

Twitter Olympics 07.30 – Readers discuss Clayton Hardiman’s point: Free speech isn’t free of consequences – Maybe triple-jumper Voula Papachristou was poised to make history at the London Olympic Games. Maybe genuine greatness had taken root inside her. She might have proved herself to be the Bob Beamon, the Rafer Johnson or the Bonnie Blair of … Continue reading